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From: T. Chase McPhee
Subject: For The Love Of Michael 04The story below is a work of fiction, set in the
format of reality. Any resemblances to real people,
alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in
nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon
persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental
areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene
involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then
you should not read this story. Additionally, if you
are under 18 years of age, in most state and
countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by
law. Check with your local laws regarding such. %
Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction.
In real life, use protection.%"For The Love Of Michael" 04
wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%At tight russion preteen
the morn's early light, shining through the custom
blinds of his room, Michael awoke. As usual, his hand
lay in the vicinity of his crotch, on his right thigh.
All it took was a slight move to detect his cock. So
easy to touch, it was all ready for one of two things.
Michael gave up a long time ago, thinking why he had
to piss or for whatever reason it was he had to stroke
his cock into oblivion, shooting his wad. Sitting on
the side of his bed, he started to get up. It's then
he realized he wasn't ready to empty his morning piss.
Lying back down, his right hand went right for his
barrel, the other hanging loose, today flat on his
stomach. It was one of his favorite places for
`feeling himself'. A thin coating of hair already
covered his chest, barely visible to the naked eye,
but something else, the minute stripe ukranian nude preteens from midchest,
down to his navel could be preteen models pic
more to feel up than see,
but there was something there. Then, the dark, thin
strip acted like it entered his deep bellyhole and
exited the other side. Eventually, when it hit to top
of his pubes, the place right above where the elastic
held up his briefs, it fanned out. Michael always
marveled how a guy's pubes, at least his own, at
sixteen came in darker and more profound than anyplace
else on the body, below the neck. That's with the
exception of his armpits. When he lifted each pit up,
noticing for the first time he had tufts of hair
there, is when he took notice of how dark his bod hair
was most likely going to sprout.With his hand stroking his cock, he at first wondered
why he was so horny.Snapping his fingers, he thought out loud, `I betcha
it's the Savage kid!'When Michael thought about and made his sweet comment
about Dean, he realized it now how true his comment ukranian nude preteens to
himself. As he stroke, he pictured an innocent face
looking up at him. His left hand was playing with his
stomach trail. When he thought about Dean getting
surprised Michael giggled out loud. But then he had to
get serious again, wanting to `build' the moment,
stroking onward. Sometime during the year he hoped to
catch Dean in the shower, seeing what he was packing
in those swimming trunks.Michael stopped stroking, thinking a thought. `Maybe
that's why he's so shy?'He thought about Dean's package. Maybe it was this
tiny little thing? It didn't matter. For now, Michael
was taking things as they are. He stroked away, going
on his original thoughts. When he came, his 7.5c shot
out a nice load. Being adventurous, he scooped a
little of it off his stomach and tasted it.`Honey-sweet!' cp boys preteen he thought.Was it sweet-tasting because he build up to his
orgasm, thinking of Dean Savage? For now, it's the
reason he was guessing. He savored another fingerful.
His alarm clock going off made him wipe his hand off
on his stomach, before touching the clock. Another
development flooded Michael's mind. This is the first
time he beat his alarm clock awake!Hopping up, it was pissing time, then shower. With
unusual haste, he got ready for school. When he saw
his social studies book lying on his desk, he thought
of Dean. This was unusual for Michael to think of only
one particular guy. He himself wondered about it. He
stuffed it in his bookbag, he proceeded to get ready.As he thumbed over the tops of the hangers, in his
closet, he wondered which shirt would interest Dean,
catch his eye. He picked the litlle preteen naked
orange A&F polo, with
what looked like a careless painter, flicking white
spots on the front of it.`I sure hope Dean likes orange!'Then litlle preteen naked
he spotted almost the identical brazil preteen nude shirt, in blue.
After stripping the orange shirt, he donned the blue.>From downstairs, he heard Raj, the butler knock on his
door, call out, "Time for breakfast, Master Michael.""Okay," Michael yelled, followed by, calling his name,
"Oh Raj?"Pulling the door open, he asked Raj's advice, "Do you
think I look better in orange or blue?""You know which color I prefer, sir!""Come on Raj."Nobody in the house, except Raj, knew of Michael's
`peculiar' ways. It's one of the things keeping their
friendship `tight'. Raj knew all about being gay,
becoming sort of a mentor for the sixteen year old."Is he special to you?""I think he's going to be," Michael replied."Try the blue. The orange is a little splashy, pardon
the pun!"Michael laughed anyway. Leaving the door open, Michael
allowed Raj the view of him throwing the shirt over
his shoulders, donning his jeans."Anytime you want to come in and watch, you can, Raj!""Oh no you don't. I don't do little boys.""I'm sixteen!" Michael replied, defending his teenaged
status."Still, I stay on this side of the door ledge until
your eighteenth birthday." Then, as done a million
times before, the twenty-six year old butler leans in
and jokes, "On that day I'm gonna fuck the hell outta
ya!"Ever since Raj came into his family's employ, two
years ago, Michael had always wondered why Raj `knew'
about him, yet his mom and dad never said anything. Oh
yes, they have spoken at times about someone they knew
whom was nude preteen schoolgirl gay, but not preteen panty ass too favorably. On the other
hand, Michael found he could talk to Raj as if a big
brother. Being an only child it's something Michael
missed and something Raj loved being."Are you really going to fuck me?"Smiling, Raj retorted with his favorite answer, "Of
course not! You're going to do me!"They laughed, but Michael wondered how true or preteen nude youth false
the answer would turn out. He had two years before
finding out!There was one `promiscuous' thing Raj did though.
Recently, as Michael left for school, Raj would look
around, making sure no one was looking, take Michael's
chin in his hand and place a kiss on his cheek."Don't forget to kiss your new boyfriend!""How do you always know stuff like that, Raj?""Trade secret. Bring him home someday so I can F-fa...
I mean `meet' him?"Michael wasn't totally dumb. He knows why Raj always
ends jokes strangely. For several months now, he's had
an inkling about Raj's status. Not the class thing.
He's thought of Raj as a top. Over quite a few wet
dreams, Michael has wondered about his eighteenth
birthday!%2B continued...Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee
This story may not be sold, nor made part of any
collection, without prior consent from the author.
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